Privacy Policy and Terms

What is is a service that allows you to record your own voice messages. When you save your voicemessage, we generate a link that you can send to your friends and clients. They can listen to your personal voicemessage with a unique and one-time link without logging in.

What data is stored

When you register, we store your first name, last name, password (encrypted), email, phone number, profile picture and personal welcome message.

When recording a voicemessage, we save the message in MP3 format together with any name of the voicemessage, which you can determine yourself. For each message we generate a unique URL, which can be used to replay the message.

Where is the data stored

Your personal data is stored in our database, which is hosted by our hosting provider "Siteground" on their servers. The hosting is located on servers in a data center in Frankfurt.

Your voicemessages are also stored at Amazon Webservice S3 in the cloud and are publicly accessible with the unique and one-time link. Therefore, do not put any sensitive data on your voicemassages. They can be intercepted with the public link by anyone who has the link.

Data protection officer and deletion of your data

The data protection officer is Mike Schwarz, Bienpur GmbH, Zürcherstrassee 64, 5400 Baden. You can reach Mike Schwarz at or +41 56 552 05 30.

You can request information from us at any time about what data is stored about you. You have the right to have your data completely deleted at any time. Simply contact us at

Prices and conditions

Currently the service is free of charge. We reserve the right to delete voicemessages older than one month from our servers. We also reserve the right to suspend, deactivate or delete your account at any time. Especially in case of abuse or spam activities we will delete your account immediately.

Imprint is a service of:

Bienpur GmbH

Zürcherstrasse 64

CH-5400 Baden


Telephone +41 56 552 05 30

Management: Michael Schwarz and Omar Lemdani